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Using our web resources



Welcome to our new redesigned blog. We hope to make this blog the go-to resource for all people connected with the Thayer school of Engineering- its students, researchers, faculty, alumni and interested readers for providing information and answering questions about the machine shop.

In this entry we describe the web resources available for your elucidation and how you can access them.

As you guys would probably know by now, the machine shop is where students learn to do engineering, a place where all the abstractness of applied science is turned into reality. The process of turning abstract thoughts into real entities which can be touched, or seen or felt or used to make or control things is not an easy path, for there are many a slips between the cup and lip. It takes practice, effort and patience over sustained periods of time and most importantly a place where you have people to help you with the process and where failures in getting to the desired results are perfectly fine, as long as the effort’s there.

Along with the physical facilities it’s important that machine shop users have quick access to quality instructional material whenever they want to learn. It’s for this reason that the machine shop strives to bring to its user community the very best instructional content which is at the same time interesting and engaging.

The machine shop web resources are spread over multiple platforms enabling the users to access them as per their choice. Also, at the same time the full benefit of all the web resources can be derived when they are accessed in a comprehensive manner.

So, let us explain how you may start using our web resources. The starting point would be our web site which is Thayer school machine shop; here you’ll find links to all our other web resources and also information about the people who work at the shop. Here you’ll also find a sample of projects carried out at the shop, the student positions available at the shop etc. Next to the website in importance is our wiki-page for the instructional content it carries. The wiki-page has very interesting videos on the usage of the different machines available at the shop and provides a good introduction to using the machines. Apart from the videos, the wiki-page also carries information about the machines, the safety policies, courses and faqs. The wiki-page thus serves as a comprehensive guide to the machines available at the shop and how to use those machines.

Further, our Facebook page and Flickr stream document the progress and achievements of our students visually. At its core engineering is about creating beauty- beautiful designs, code, constructs and machines and these two platforms allow us to showcase this beauty to the entire world.

Finally, this platform, the blog allows us to communicate with you and allows us to tell you the stories about our work- the work of the community at Thayer while at the same time allowing us to hear back from you. Hence, we welcome your comments and would be very happy to hear from you. Please do keep coming back to our blog for the new stories we have to tell you about.

Till then, happy machining.      


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