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Welcome back to more machining!


While you were away:

Hey guys, welcome back to the school and the machine shop! We hope you had a wonderful break and are eager to start learning and working at the machine shop.  While you were away we had a lot of things going on at the machine shop and you’ll notice quite a few of these big changes. First off, well you can’t help notice due to the noise and the appearance; there has been a major structural change in the shop, which is still ongoing. The entire shop is now going to be one smooth, long hall with the brick and plaster pillars being replaced with steel girders. This will help in improving the visibility in the shop and thereby provide better safety.

Videos and vending

Over the break we had the 5S team hard at work on the vending machine project as documented in a previous blog entry. We also had our social media team working on high quality instructional videos for the lathe machine, so that you guys have no dearth of good learning material. The coolest thing about these videos and working on the lathe machine is that after watching these videos you can try your hand at designing your own light sabre and maybe kick off a light sabre duel with your friends. You’ll have these videos available to you on the wikipage.


Guys the blog gives you all the tremendous ability to provide feedback to us and point out what’s working out and what’s not working out for you. So do use the comments section on our blog and let us know. Also we’ll be coming out with regular surveys to keep track of how things are going for you guys. We’ll shortly be coming out with a survey for tool placement and would be delighted to hear about how you want your tools and equipment to be placed: in the vending machine or the tool crib or the work station. Also what new tools would you like being added?


The next big thing at the machine shop which we guys are working on and hope to see implemented are ipads as learning aids next to the machines. Meaning whenever you come to the machine shop and want a quick recap or even a detailed demonstration of working on the machine, you’ll have it at your fingertips- you’ll only need to tap on the ipad. Understandably such an undertaking is time consuming given the complexities of programming in the iOS environment; hence it’ll take us longer to put it in action and till then- patience.

26 teams  

Lastly we have 26 teams working on their final ENGS 90 projects here at the machine shop and we expect it to be very exciting to follow their progress in the final stages of their projects. We’ll be documenting their experiences on this blog, and we invite you follow and share in their experiences and projects right here.

We wish you all an exciting, fun filled term at the machine shop and a fun time reading our blog.


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