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Shop supplies simplified


How many times while working late nights on a project have you wanted a supply so bad, that you’d be willing to “borrow” it from anywhere?  Hopefully from the next term onwards you won’t have to face troubling prospects over those little supplies which trip you up often while working on your projects. For, T.A’s at the machine shop are working on readying vending machines for dispensing the precious supplies. The T.A’s along with the Dartmouth card office are working on ensuring that getting supplies becomes as easy as swiping your Dartmouth card. In line with our school’s “Big green” philosophy this will also allow you to keep track of usage and cut down on waste.

So, how do you go about retro fitting old food vending machines to dispense machine shop supplies? As Dhruv an M.E.M T.A working on this project put it “given that shop supplies are hard and liable to damage if they fall off from a height, we have to carefully configure the setting up of the supplies in the vending machine.” A food vending machine, which is being remodeled,  has 6 vertical tiers and the selected item is dropped to the bottom of the machine from where a user picks up the item. Dhruv also mentioned that figuring out how to arrange the supplies within the spiral holds of the vending machine would take some time. Amogh, another M.E.M T.A working on the project informed that the installation of the card reader wouldn’t take much effort as it is being done by the Dartmouth card office. At the same time there might be unexpected problems during this process and the card reader would require extensive testing, he mentioned. Lastly, Nur Izzat mentioned that for these reasons they would first be working on setting up one vending machine and based on its success and lessons start working on the other four.

So in total there are five vending machines for shop supplies planned at the machine shop. The T.As involved in this project are Srivatsan Vasudevan, Amogh Poudyal, Dhruv Chadhha and Nur Izzati all of whom are first year M.E.Ms. We wish them luck on the project and hope to see the vending machines serving Thayer students from next term.

To learn more about this project and other happenings at the machine shop do visit our Facebook page and our blog for further updates.

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