Thayer school of Engineering @ Dartmouth

About Thayer school machine shop



Thayer School’s Machine Shop is an instructional workshop serving students, researchers, and faculty at Thayer School. Our job is to teach shop users to become comfortable and competent in a workshop environment. Thayer School’s Machine Shop supports research. We work with Dartmouth scientists, engineers, and students to get their devices built right.

The mission of the Thayer Machine Shop is to teach the “doing” side of an engineering education, so we operate engineering workshops to provide maximum resources, maximum instruction, and maximum performance.

The Thayer Machine Shop teaches technical skills. We work with Thayer faculty to deliver exercises and tutorials that support lecture topics. We promote hands-on learning in a friendly and supportive workshop.

At  Thayer Machine Shop, machining is fun. Our kind of fun is helping Dartmouth clubs succeed. We welcome every member of the Thayer community whether they want to develop a new product, or indulge a hobby interest.
At Thayer Machine Shop we think that making things is what engineering is all about. Hands-on experience with the tools of production makes our engineers excellent, and excellent engineers are what Thayer Machine Shop makes best.